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Below you can manage the monsters or spells from your collection.

  Create and add spell to collection

Here you can create a spell of your own making or simply add to the existing SRD data if you feel something is missing.

(Required) Input name (ex. Magic Missile)

(Required) Input level (ex. Level 1 or Cantrip)

(Required) Input school (ex. Evocation)

(Required) Input casting time (ex. 1 action)

(Required) Input range (ex. 60 ft.)

(Required) Input duration (ex. Concentration, 8 hours)

(Required) Input components fx. V, S, M (Broken twig)

(Required) Input description

(Required) Input higher level description


  Create/Edit monster

Here you can edit existing monsters, or create your own whether it's homebrew or official content you feel is missing. Simply fill out the details below, click save and it will appear in the add monster menu dropdown (to edit existing monsters, use the edit content window).

(Required) Input name (in singular ex. Goblin)

(Required) Input hit points

(Optional) Input armor class (ex. 16)

(Optional) Input ability points (not modifiers ex. 14)

(Optional) Input saving throw modifiers (in pure numbers - ex. 7 or -3)

(Optional) Input size

(Optional) Input type

(Optional) Input alignment

(Optional) Input speed (ex. fly 80 ft.)

(Optional) Input skill modifiers (in pure numbers ex. 4 or -2)

(Optional) Input immunities

(Optional) Input resistances

(Optional) Input vulnerabilities

(Optional) Input senses

(Optional) Input languages

(Optional) Input traits (name and description for each)

(Optional) Input actions

(Optional) Input legendary actions


Type in a search term to find the desired spell. Click a spell in the list to view the details and the back button to return to the list

 Initiative tracker

Pick a color and type in a player name in the empty slot next to it, then click save to commit the changes to the initiative tracker


Choose or search for a monster in the list below, which includes the SRD plus your own creations

Amount: 1 Add to deck
 Save deck

Deck saved

 Export deck collection

 Collection import/export options

  Collection options

Here you can import your current collection of spells and/or monsters from and to simple txt files, using the links below.

| Export monster collection
| Export spell collection

The data from the system reference documents used in this web application is subject to the Open Game License version 1.0a which you can view here.